Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Vultures of Death

Pope John Paul II has spoken eloquently and prophetically about the “culture of death” in the Western world, and that expression has become widely accepted as an accurate label for our present society. In such a society, which lives in denial of death and its eternal consequences, there is paradoxically an obsession with death, and many people and organizations feed on it like vultures on a carcass.

These vultures of death feed on the murderous mentality of much of modern mankind: kill human embryos for scientific research, kill unborn babies for convenience or economics, kill newborn babies if they have birth defects (yes, this is already being done in some places), kill old or terminally ill people to rid society of useless burdens, and finally, go ahead and kill yourself if you are sick or depressed. They feed on death because it is lucrative (one
midwestern abortionist was even charged with literally feeding on the corpses of aborted babies). The promotion of the culture of death (strangely enough) brings academic prestige, media recognition, and political advancement. It also puts people in the company of the demons and the damned, but if they’re young and healthy and upwardly mobile, what do they care? Live for today if you have survived the cut.

As a little aside, I read about a very interesting protester at an abortion clinic. There was a man dressed up as the devil, pointing the way to the clinic, and expressing his diabolical “compassion” to the women going in for abortions: “I understand completely how you feel, and I agree that this is the only solution; yes, go right in, I’m with you all the way on this; it’s exactly what I’d do if I were you…” If that didn’t put things in perspective and make them think twice about it, nothing would.

The vultures of death devour their murdered prey in the name of the “quality of life,” but it certainly is not the quality of life of their victims. We’re already well aware of the grim reapers in the abortion industry, the genetic manipulators, and the advocates of “assisted suicide.” Now things are being taken an eerie step further by men like George Felos, the lawyer responsible for the death of Terri Schiavo, who kills for “spiritual” reasons (see the article “Portrait of a Spiritual Killer” in Crisis, July/August, 2005).

One day the vultures may find that their own lives will be forcibly taken from them, by law or the will of another, and the culture they created will take its own pitiless vengeance on them. Meanwhile, the rest of us must refuse to be driven by the prevailing winds of the culture of death, refuse to jump on the hell-bound bandwagons. We must pray and work for the recognition (in hearts and laws) of the sanctity of life, and of the Creator who makes human life holy.

The buzzards are circling overhead, but it’s not too late. The victory still lies with Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Life.