Thursday, May 18, 2006

Prepare for the Kingdom

I'm just posting this short notice to direct you to a new blog, which may prove helpful to you or to someone you know. It is written by my friend Laura, whom I mentioned a couple weeks ago. She is suffering from terminal cancer, but she wants to share what this final journey is teaching her. God has been merciful to her in drawing her close to Him, even before the onset of the disease, so that she could be well-disposed and spiritually ready as her passage to the next life becomes more imminent. She is bravely holding up, not only under the disease itself, but in the various other sufferings due to chemotherapy and a bit of medical malpractice.

The "contemplation of death" is an ancient Christian and specifically monastic practice, but one that is almost universally avoided today out of fear, denial, or mere lack of faith. Laura gently draws us back to that which we all must face--and not necessarily in the distant future. For if we are not ready to meet the Lord now, what makes us think we'll be ready to meet Him later?

She just published her first post today, but I encourage you to visit her site and to receive whatever wisdom you may find for living and dying well, that is, in the grace and mercy and love of the Lord. Today is the day for beginning to strengthen your trust in Him, because when your time approaches, you will really need it, and it is very difficult to manufacture it instantly in a crisis. You need to have your confidence already in place. You can click here to visit, or click on the "Prepare for the Kingdom" link at the right in the links column. May we all walk in the Spirit of grace and peace on our common journey to the Kingdom.